Youth Development

The MAS-Boston Youth department serves young people throughout Massachusetts. We believe that young Americans, with the right tools, skills, and knowledge, have the potential to bring about positive change in their communities. We identify ourselves as a movement of American youth and young adults who aspire to answer the call of our Creator as put forward in the Divine Scriptures:

“And from among you, there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong. It is they who will attain true success.” (Al-Quran 3:104)

We work with young people to inspire them to understand, apply, and advocate divinely ordained values in the service of the common good. Our core values are service, equality, and justice. Our programs engage young people through educational, spiritual, recreational, and social activities. These programs are designed and run by the youth, with the guidance of mentors who share their experiences and provide valuable feedback.

For more than two decades, MAS-Boston has brought together the Boston Student communities, developed leadership programs for thousands of college students across dozens of universities, was the only Muslim organization to hire youth workers solely available to support college students, held a yearly college students retreat for the past 18 years, and helped many MSA’s recruit Muslim Chaplains across Greater-Boston.