MAS Boston

MAS Boston is a grassroots, 501c3 nonprofit, a community organization that works to educate, organize and empower the Muslim community to be active, contributing citizens who play a significant role towards positive social and spiritual change. Below is a selection of some of what MAS-Boston brought to our community throughout the years:

  • ISBCC: For 10 years, until the end of 2018, MAS-Boston provided leadership to the ISBCC, managing all programming, building relations with the broader society, hiring staff, and nurturing the ISBCC into a flourishing institution. MAS transitioned the ISBCC management to the ISB Board at the end of 2018.
  • Pioneering Institutions such as Boston Islamic SeminaryMalik AcademyAl-Bashaer, Al-Marhama Burial Services, and others: MAS-Boston members leveraged passion and skills to plant seeds and create many new nonprofits. In time, MAS spins off these important organizations as stand-alone entities run by separate boards.
  • College students & Youth Development: For more than two decades, MAS-Boston has brought together the Boston Student communities, developed leadership programs for thousands of college students across dozens of universities, was the only Muslim organization to hire youth workers solely available to support college students, held a yearly college students retreat for the past 18 years, and helped many MSA’s recruit Muslim Chaplains across Greater-Boston.
  • Focus on converts: For more than 15 years, MAS-Boston has been running a successful weekly converts program in the ISB, where more than 100 women have embraced Islam over the years.
  • Servant Leaders: For two decades, MAS worked closely with hundreds of Muslim activists, providing forums of spiritual and leadership development that helps communities dream up more ambitious projects, develop volunteers with training, skills, knowledge, passion, and commitment, to help dozens of local institutions all around Boston.

Our goal is to develop God-conscious community servants, who can benefit all of society.  Allah has been generous to us throughout these years. We ask you to participate and contribute to this mission.

To Move People to Strive for God-Consciousness, Liberty, and Justice, and to Convey Islam with Utmost Clarity

A virtuous and just American society.

Since 2007, MAS-Boston fully operated the ISBCC and delivered its reports through the ISBCC Annual reports. For historical purposes, you can view the MAS-Boston 2007 Annual report,  the first year the ISB Board requested MAS-Boston to take over the management of the ISBCC.