Mutual Aid

Welcome to the MAS Mutual Aid, an initiative organized by volunteers with MAS Boston. In these fast moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other and remember that we are not alone. This resource is open to everyone and anyone who needs and wants to use it. We have partnered with ICNA Relief and Ummah Health to provide emergency relief effort. Please share widely.

Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections- we all have something to offer and we all have something we need. This group is still building out infrastructure, but here’s what we have so far:

The info you provide will be directly uploaded into a public non-editable “offerings”   that others can view and reach out to you directly for support. If you have a need that appears on this sheet, go ahead and reach out to the person listed. If you appear on the sheet and need to be edited, email us at to cross out your name so that you aren’t receiving more asks. 

We are partnering with ICNA Relief and Ummah Health to provide emergency financial relief for those impacted by COVID-19 whether it is to cover health care costs, rent, food, bills or other needs.

If there is anything you need that is not found on the above offerings spreadsheet, you can add yourself to this  There is no task that is too big and no one will ever be shamed for asking for what they need.

If you prefer not to add your name and contact information on this public spreadsheet, you can email us at with your request and we can add it for you to the sheet anonymously or you can call our hotline at 617-588-0081. 

We have a hotline number for people to call into if filling out google forms is not their thing.

Please call

between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm and one of our organizers will be able to assist you or connect you to a resource. 

For resources document with helpful information

Want to volunteer? Help us build

We are looking for support: these documents were put together in a few hours by some friends and we definitely need help from more people to get this thing going on the scale that we need. Here are some roles that need to be filled:

We need to spread the word about what we’re doing in concise and clear ways to people in the Greater Boston area and Massachusetts- Muslim and not- help us make and distribute flyers, spread the word online, and reach out to other friends. We are here to support everyone.

Please reach out if you have capacity to translate some of our materials into Arabic, Somali, Spanish, Portuguese, or Haitian Creole.

Why reinvent the wheel? The Boston community is filled with awesome organizations that already have tons of resources and skills. We want to form networks with them to maximize mutual aid! Help us reach out to existing networks and figure out how to power up together. 

Determining financial needs and distribution based on principles of harm reduction and effective. 

What ideas do you have? Get in touch: 

Community Resources

Mondays at 5:30 at MakeShift
Boston 549 Columbus Ave., Boston

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