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We are very excited to launch this mentorship program focused on building Ramadan battle plans that will help us all reach our goals. The pre-Ramadan session focus will be:
– Spiritual Foundations of Ramadan
– Practical Goal Setting Framework and Implementation
– Organizing Partnership Accountability Groups

The second session focus will be:
-Preparing for the last 10 days of Ramadan
-Successful Habit Formation

The Post-Ramadan session focus will be:
-Our Ramadan Legacy
-Time Management and Accountability Tools

The extent to which we benefit from Ramadan will be in accordance with how strategically and sincerely we prepare for it in advance. As such, we have put together a thorough Ramadan goal-setting plan guide and worksheet that we encourage our community to fill out this week and begin the encouraged pre-Ramadan plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-V6LfGz9V3RUbaEl9GbWttaLXywbUMIFzH8WxEznbwQ/edit (make a copy and edit your plan). This can be of benefit on its own however this program will help complement our personal plans with thoughtful mentorship, group accountability, and compassionate support.

The second and third sessions will serve as a time to check in with one another, share reflections, and continue learning together. This is a program designed to help us become our best selves and take full advantage of the glorious and blessed month of Ramadan!