Thank you for your interest in MAS Boston Khutbah Service. MAS Boston is committed to promoting the word of Islam. One significant way to accomplish this goal is through collaboration and partnership between MAS Boston and Greater Boston masajid.
As we embark on the first stage of developing our Khutba Service, we have become keenly aware of the shortage of people who are qualified to serve as a khateeb and of a critical need to increase the pool of qualified people to fulfill this essential role in our community.
Currently, most of the Khateebas volunteer their time, others do not. In order to develop a vibrant Khutba Service, MAS Boston is asking mosques in Greater Boston to support our efforts to meet the needs of area masajid through one of the following options:

  1. Donate 15% of funds collected by your masjid to MAS Boston’s Khutbah service development.
  2. Allow MAS Boston to fundraise after Ju’mah.
  3. Allow MAS Boston to fundraise after Ju’mah.

For more information about this service please contact Rasha Azoni @ Please put in the subject Khutbah Service.
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