Recommend Program

  • Our goal is to promote this program in as many places as possible. Please help us promote the program by doing the following: Call, email, or contact your local library, place of worship, company or workplace, school, university, MSA, mosque, or other places that may have an interest in learning about Islam. Introduce the program to them and share the website. Encourage them to contact us and to fill out a speaker request form. 
  • Did you know? 
    • Libraries: Many libraries are open to hosting educational programs for the community to teach about a faith.
    • Places of worship: Many places of worship—such as churches, synagogues, and others—are often interested in teaching their congregants about other faiths. Our speakers have spoken about Islam in many places of worship around the Boston area in the past. 
    • Companies & workplaces: Many companies and workplaces have diversity programs to teach about other faiths and communities. 
    • Schools: Many public and private schools teach World Religions as part of their history classes and might welcome a trusted local Muslim voice to talk to students about Islam and answer their questions. Our speakers have engaged in many public schools to lecture about Islam to the students.
    • Universities: Many universities have programs and spaces (such as Islam Awareness Week) that feature lectures to teach students about Islam. Reach out to your university clubs (and MSAs) and ask them to engage with us.
    • Mosques: You can recommend to your mosque to set up a training class with us to teach interested attendees how to introduce Islam in the best way and how effectively to field questions that audiences are likely to pose. 
    • Others: Other places, such as community organizations, non profits, book clubs, prisons, hospitals, and other places often welcome presentations by religious groups on their beliefs and practices.