Help Out

  • We have a big goal, but we cannot accomplish it without the community’s help. 
  • Here is how you can engage:
    • Make a call: Call an organization in your city and encourage them to engage with our program.
    • Volunteer: We need volunteers who can spare 2–4 hours per week to help out with the program logistics, accompany speakers to events, reach out to other organizations to recommend the program, help with communication and advertising, contribute to the website, and much more. Email us at and let us know as much detail about yourself as you can, for example: who you are, what you do, what your interests are, what volunteer experience you have, how much time per week you have, where else you volunteer, your contact information, etc. 
    • Donate: Donate generously and recommend this program to others. Donations to MAS Boston are Zakat eligible. Click here to donate. 
    • Make a suggestion: Email us any suggestions you may have. 
    • Spread the word: Send an email to your email lists and friends about this program and ask them to engage and support.
    • Learn & teach: Join us on a one-year journey to learn about Islam yourself and prepare to be able to teach it to others. We have a unique one-year program to gain knowledge about Islam and learn how to teach it to others in a simple but effective way. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION