Nada Miqdadi El-Alami’s Fundraising Page

MAS BOSTON 2020 Fundraiser

MAS had been an integral part of my personal growth and the growth of the Muslim community.

It has helped many develop spiritually and train to mentor and support others. It is the reason behind the existence of many of the local institutions/projects and has recently launched more than a dozen virtual programs that attract children, youth and the young at heart.

I know that my involvement with MAS has deepened my belief and refined my character (more work to be done there:), and I hope that with your support, we can help to widen the scope of the work MAS does. Please donate generously.

Why Supporting MAS Boston?

MAS Boston has been a leading institution in New England since the late 90’s. Some accomplishments include:

  • Managed the largest Islamic center in the Northeast for 10 years, and grew its operation to $2M/year, with 20+ employees, influencing thousands across New England, and creating a model institution on a national level.
  • Initiated several innovative projects such as the Boston Islamic Seminary, Malik Academy, Al-Huda Society and others.
  • Developed Tarbiya and leadership programs for 100+ young leaders (MIT, Harvard, etc..) who went out to create successful companies which are well aligned with Islamic values and principles.