Muslim American Society (MAS) traces its historical roots back to the call of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Its more recent roots can be traced to the Islamic revival movement that started evolving at the turn of the twentieth century. This movement brought the call of Islam to Muslim masses across the world to reestablish Islam in their lives.

Established in 1993 as a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization, the Muslim American Society (MAS) is a dynamic charitable, religious, social, cultural, and educational organization. Over the past two decades, MAS has expanded to more than 40 chapters across the United States. MAS offers unique programs and services that seek to better the individual and, in turn, the greater society by imparting Islamic knowledge, promoting community service, engaging in political activism, and much more.

Over the past two decades, MAS has evolved into a nationally recognized grassroots movement. The organization is empowered by a unique chapter structure that is linked through a common mission and vision. Focusing on the personal development of individuals through a comprehensive Islamic educational curriculum, MAS promotes active involvement in communities across the U.S. by providing opportunities for community service, interfaith initiatives, youth programs, and civic engagement. By cooperating and collaborating with other organizations, MAS has expanded its reach into thousands of communities across the United States.

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MAS’ Mission

To Move People to Strive for God-Consciousness, Liberty, and Justice, and to Convey Islam with Utmost Clarity

MAS’ Vision

A Virtuous and Just American Society

What is MAS Boston?

MAS Boston is a grassroots, community organization that works to educate, organize and empower the Muslim community to be active, contributing citizens who play a significant role towards positive social and spiritual change. We strive to achieve this mission by:

  1. teaching young Muslims social responsibility and equipping them for leadership,
  2. educating and organizing the Muslim community towards civic engagement, and
  3. developing interfaith and intercommunity understanding and cooperation, and creating coalitions on issues of shared concern.

MAS Boston runs the Islamic cultural center (ISBCC) in Roxbury, a unique and nationally recognized cultural landmark. Other MAS Boston initiated projects include Malik Academy, Al-Bashaer weekend school, Quran Institute, Al-Marhama Burial Services, etc.